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[Unrelated DBSK Info] JYP Entertainment 4th Audition: Who's Next?

JYP Entertainment will having it’s 4th JYP Entertainment audition to search for new JYP trainees in partnership with Korean portal site, Cyworld.

One of the trainees who has debuted with JYP Entertainment is Jang Woo Young of 2PM, having been selected in JYP 1st audition back in 2007.

A JYP Entertainment staff in charge of new trainees expressed that the 3rd JYP audition held last summer received 15,000 applications offline and online. The chances of being selected are however slim, just 1 out of 5000 people. There are huge expectations from this 4th audition. Selected trainees from the past 3 auditions are now training in earnest for a possible debut in 2009.

To participate in the audition, one has to upload their video on Cyworld video event page or sending an email application to JYP Entertainment. Applicants can choose to specialize in either vocals, dancing, acting or VJ/MC for the auditions. Those who gets selected through the first stage will receive 3 weeks of specialized training under the company and then get to perform in an American idol-like stage in end-February of next year. The most impressive final 3 will become JYP Entertainment trainees.

credits : sookyeong, wondergirls,wordpress, DBSK Dream & cassiopeialuv

Oh my God, i'm so tempted to audition! XD
You know what? ...I might just do it...
Along with my SM Entertainment
Good luck to mee~ hehe...If I make it, Goodbye America.
lol i'll be back but i'm not staying ^___^


Jaydy said... it possible to audition for both SM entertainment and this? Coz I think it is easier for the SM entertainment as there is like modelling and stuffs.
Pls reply and thx for posting btw.
I am a Singaporean and I wonder if I could audition and they would accept me... T_T