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[NEWS] DBSK Unable to Attend 3 Korean Year-End Gayos

DBSK will not be attending any of the End of the Year Big Gayo DaeJun (WAR) Programs for KBS, MBC & SBS.

The 4th Album "MIROTIC" released in September has hit 500,000 album sales and has proved DBSK's power once again as the Best Idols in Korea, but it will be difficult to see DBSK at this years Big Three Gayo ceremonies.

DBSK's SM Ent. has said over interview "29th through the 30th DBSK will be in Japan for the award ceremonies there and will be difficult to be able to make it for the Live Gayo ceremonies in Korea.

The Big 3 end of the Year Gayo DaeJuns will take place on the 29th for SBS, 30th for KBS, and 31st for MBC. It's impossible for DBSK to make it to any of them.

In contrast, DBSK will be away in Japan during days for the Dec- 29th White-Red Ceremony. Since it's DBSK's first time it will be exciting for DBSK.

On the 30th DBSk will attend Japan Record Awards as a nominees.

credits: 김형우, virvir111@Soompi & cassiopeialuv

That's not fair...Japan, what a LOVELY time to place your award show.
The 3 Gayos are important~ T^T
Gyah...this isn't right.
Well...then...DBSK shall win at the Golden Disk Awards tonight~! ^___^
You guys are too popular for your own good. x]


Zangetsu said...

your like totally obsessed with them