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[NEWS] SM Entertainment Fights Back! & Japanese Coverage on the banning of "주문 - MIROTIC"


Previously, we reported on how DBSK's 4th album was put under the 19 year age banned by the Youth Safety Association on November, however SM Ent. will starting next week file a legal case against this to the Justice Court/District Court.

DBSK's Management SM Entertainment (SM), quoted by Money Today's Star New : "We will go through administrative measures against the suspension by filing a case next week to the District Court". "We have been getting ready for this legal case on the 2nd."

"We have agreed to release a clean version of 'Jumon - MIROTIC' by the administrative order, but this is something we do not agree with and feel this is entirely unfair. Therefore we have decided to file a case to the court against the administration's displosure."

Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs administration has on the November 27th declared that DBSK's rth album's MIROTIC's lyrics were provocative and put the album under harmful to the Youth.

The Commission of Youth Protection have said that the words and the meaning of 'Jumon-MIROTIC' were not the only problem but the entire lyrics' meaning was harmful and overly sexual.

After the Commission of Youth Protection had released this statement SM. Ent said, "Even before when the order had been put against MIROTIC, we have clearly negotiated and tried to explain the real meaning and explanation of the lyrics , but even after this the results came out unexpectedly and we are bewildered as of this moment", "and the JUMON -MIROTIC's lyrical meaning is entirely different and miles away from the erotic or sexual that the association is making it to be."

DBSK's 4th album, by the END of November, hit 460,000 sales (Fon SM. Ent). This is the highest record sale for this year out of any artists/idols.

However with the current condition and news coverage of DBSK's CD age ban has caused Japanese Media to release news coverage of this.

On the 4th, Japan's AsahiTv, Nihon Tv. etc. had released their coverage as 'Asia's Star DBSK and the ban of the CD release single MIROTIC.' Sankei Sports news on the 5th, Sports-Nippon released their news "AGE ban of DBSK 4th album,, will this AFFECT DBSK's attendance for NHK's Red & White Ceremony?" (the PD For NHK already released a statement that said this incident will not prevent DBSK's attendance.)

DBSK have also hit the top charts in Japan's Oricon charts numerous times, and have won twice in a row the golden artists award at the " Best hit Gayo Awards" Japan.

credits: DNBN, dbskdbsk111@soompi & cassiopeialuv

this issue has gotten Cassiopeia fired up~ @__@
it's getting insane here...
they're really making a big deal out of lyrics.
it's not that serious!
the lyrics aren't even that bad compared to all the crap released
everywhere else -___-


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