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[NEWS] DBSK Wins 2008's Golden Disc Award~!

Super vocal and dance group TVXQ wins BIG at the Golden Disk Awards 2008. They swept up three major awards last night, including the highest esteemed award -- the Daesang. They also won the Bonsang (the next best award) for their highest selling album in Korea, MIROTIC, as well as the Popularity Award (with Guinness record for the largest fanclub in the world, it would be strange if they weren't granted this one).

Congratulations boys!

YEPP Daesang Album: DBSK / TVXQ

YEPP Daesang Digital: Jewelry

Bonsang Disk: Rain (Bi), Kim Dong Ryul, Shinhwa, Brown Eyed Girls, DBSK / TVXQ

Bonsang Digital: Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Jewelry, MC Mong

Best Producer: Lee Soo Man

YEPP Newcomer Album: SHINee

YEPP Newcomer Digital: DaVichi

YEPP Popularity Award: FT Island, Son Ho Young, TVXQ / DBSK, Taeyeon of SNSD

And...the guys win the
Grand Prize~! <3

There was no doubt
about this. ^__^

Everyone seemed to
enjoy themselves at the show...

if only I could've been


MLE. said...

HAYYYYYY! oh yayz dbsk rawks.

Sir Panda said...

i have no problem at all so enjoy your obsession :)

MLE. said...

lon's class for extra credit.
and because i'm like supossed to be in AP or something and he wants me part of the AP blog community.