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[NEWS] 'MIROTIC' Modifed Version

Dong Bang Shin Ki's "Spell-MIROTIC" Modified Version to be Released to the Public

Dong Bang Shin Ki (SM Entertainment) is to release a modified version of "Spell-MIROTIC".

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be at the Seoul Olympic Park on December 10 for the 2008 Golden Disk Awards to perform the modified version of the title song for the first time on stage.

TVXQ will change the "Spell-MIROTIC" lyrics ,ordered by the Commission on Youth Protection Administration.The rap part from "i got you" to "i choose you" and "under my skin" to "under my sky"

Anyways, TVXQ's 4th album has sold more than 460,000 copies (as of November 30) and then later raised the attention of music fans and is gaining support.

The modified version of "Spell-MIROTIC" will be available on online music sites.

credits: newsen, dnbn, geekazoinks@soompi & cassiopeialuv
translation: tvxqslave@soompi

Oh My GOD. This version makes it sounds so retarded! It's weird` >_<
The could've at least used "Under my Spell"? -__-
The song's called Spell. x|
Oh well...its already released and out there...
I'm still going to listen to the original xD

Cassiopeia will remain faithful fans <3

Under My "SKY" = Under My Cassiopeia
The song is dedicated to us now ^__^


Alix said...

Lysa....I don't understand your blog, but I;m gonna comment anyway, because I love you. LOL