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[TRANS] 02.28.10 A-Star Extra Magazine Vol.4/2010 – Most Impressive Idol

It’s how the Korean star impressed the A-star magazine staff (from meeting, press conference , interviewing or working experience with Korea stars)

*T/N There’s no ranking among the TOP 5

#1 Jaejoong – Clumsy with good manners

We have no idea why we’re impressed with Jaejoong this much because every time we got a chance to meet him it’s always from distance. But His cutie aura keep flashing on us. He doesn’t talk much in order to continue his mysterious image but out of the blue he just did something cute and clumsy on his own.

When he gets to talk,he can impress us with his touching speech for example we were talking about the pink wristband (Thai people wear it to show loyalty to the king) Jaejoong said he was wearing it because he wanted to be like Thai people. That’s why he always wears 2 wristbands every time he visited Thailand.

Moreover the way he looks at the fans slowly from left to right and right to left as if he wants to keep every moment in his memories. Then he gives us a little smile or sticking his touch out or laughing with no reasons.

He’s so focusing on loving one thing every time he visited Thailand, which is to ride the elephants.Also the way he gracefully paid respect in Thai way.All of these simple little things impress us more and more.

#2 Siwon (Super Junior)
#3 Nichkhun (2PM)
#4 Taemin (SHINee)
#5 Minho (SHINee)

source: A-Star Extra Magazine Vol.4/2010
shared by: O! & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Tehee, tell me that article didn't make you smile?
Jae is too cutesy for his own good.
The article even says they're not sure why about him. XD
He's just lovable, admit it.

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