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[TRANS] 04.01.10 An-An Photoshoot Photos Revealed!


"Pierced by Jaejoong's Eyes"
"DBSK Jaejoong's an-an Photo Revealed"
2010.04.01 05:02

Jaejoong (24) of DBSK, a popular group of 5 dance vocal group from Korea, his abdominal muscles line of his beautiful body neatly shown will appear for a cover & special feature of the newly released magazine "an an" (Magazine House, 420 yen) on the 7th.

Sankei Sports News obtained the unscreened photograph on the 31st, which will not be carried by the magazine.
(*These two shots will not be seen in anan. More and different photos of Jaejoong will appear in the an-an issue.)

Two pieces of the shots to stare his abdominal muscle which are exposed in the unbuttoned white shirt, which is strengthened by the way he is sitting down cross-legged in a cool and sexy way are being shown in the photos.

The photography was taken at a studio in Tokyo in March. While being photographed, Jaejoong managed his physical condition, by skipping a meal the day before etc, and he had an extraordinary determination to prepare for the photo shoot, according to the person in charge.

And it is said that Jaejoong also showed his innocent expressions by saying "kimuchi~!" and made a peace sign and also hummed a song during his photo shoot.

Jaejoong publicized (PR) his article by saying "I challenged to show rough and natural atmosphere of myself through this photograph".

The special feature extends to eight pages; "JEJUNG! Speaks Under The Theme of Love" and he talks about the outlook of love of his own openly.

source: Sankei Sports News Japan
translations: Junsulv@OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

he's covered~
smart choice An-An people! =D
I guess they heard my warning. XD
Can't wait til the magazine releases. =]'s selling out..everywhere..

Always keep the faith!