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[TRANS] 04.05.10 Inoue Kozo Twitter Updates & Miyaneya

“Miyaneya” meeting ends. My section will be at 3 o’clock straight. Still, I’m trying to collect more data (laughs). For Tokai TV “P-can TV”, the staffs would want to contact TVXQ for tomorrow broadcast. We decided to have phone appearance.

At 16:00 "Miyaneya", the show, started and the important screenshot is below:

[[The Five Are Still Best Friends!]]

After the show, Kozo-san tweeted:

For TVXQ news at this point, I can only assure you that I did call (T/N: I think he referred to the confirmation of statement “The five are still best friends”). As the coverage continues, we will try to communicate again. Many thanks for tweeting me. For being able to provide your thoughts, but I’ll try what I can! Thank you so much!

For the interview, I started to look deeply more and more to South Korea entertainment industry. And in addition to this content, tomorrow will be published at mobile website an article entitled “Inoue Kozo Entertainment Structure”. For those who are supporting TVXQ, please read! (T/N: mobile only)

source: inoue kozo twitter & hero0126-ain
translations: sharingyoochun
credits: sharingyoochun, 3hoshi @ OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

I love how Japanese people care for our boys.
And they show it...
Thank you so much for that one simple line...

"The five are still best friends."

It calms a nervous heart. A lot.

Always keep the FAITH.