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[TRANS] 04.06.10 Tohoshinki Official Fanclub Bigeast WILL Continue

Regarding Bigeast…

After many continuous conferences the Bigeast secretariat, taking everyone's demands and requests into consideration, we have decided to continue the existence of Bigeast.

We have come to decide that to discontinue the existence of Bigeast, a place that everyone treasures and a place of bonds with the 5 members, would be an extremely painful thing to Bigeast secretariat to do.
For that reason, we have decided to continue Bigeast, a place for the 5 of them to return to.
Moreover, during the conferences, the big reason that helped us to come up with this decision was the passionate "Please continue!" messages from everyone in Bigeast.

Although we have decided to keep Bigeast continued, we would like you to wait for a little while until the end of April for more further details*.
*Further details here include method of continuation/reviewing member's special favors/withdraw method for people who want to leave the fanclub (with annual membership fee repaid)

◆Members’ Comments メンバーコメント◆
Bigeast no minasan, iroiroto goshinpaiwo okakeshiteshimai, sumimasendeshita.
To everyone in Bigeasts, we are sorry that we have made all of you worried.

今はそれぞれが、それぞれの成長に向かって頑張っていきますので、これからも僕たちをよろしくお願いいたします。」 東方神起
Imawa sorezorega sorezoreno seichouni mukatte ganbatte ikimasunode. korekaramo bokutachiwo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu Tohoshinki.
Each of the members will do their best to advance forward respectively, so please support us in the future, too. Tohoshinki.


NOTE THIS: Members' comments are in both Korean & Japanese.

source: Bigeast Fan Mail
translation: linhkawaii & smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog