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[TRANS] 04.21.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Xiah Junsu


Junsu who is exploded with charisma received the eels from someone. In fact, he is already full from eating something else…
Now he's in troubles of deciding whether or not he should eat the eels (LOL).

We've decided that we would give you reports on XIAH junsu's promotion that is being highly praised!
We will be giving a lot of different faces of Junsu~ Please looking forward to it!!


Xiami* Junsu!?

During a magazine photoshoot! Somehow he's wearing this outfit by AmiAmi! He looks sexy, doesn't he~!

In the dressing room, Junsu keeps being noisy saying, "Xiami Junsu!!"…
(^o^; )

*Xiami = Xiah + AmiAmi


Taking Polaroid picture ♪

Here he's taking a Polaroid picture for as a present for the readers!

I realized that his jawline has gotten sharper, hasn't it~!


Sign sign!

Right after the photoshoot, Junsu is signing autographs!

These will become presents for the readers ♪
Everyone, please definitely check the magazines that XIAH junsu appears on!!



Junsu-sama during an interview!

He's having an interview with a serious face~!


Reconstructing Plan!!!??

This is Teacher Junsu who is exploding my charisma and is having as many promotional magazine interviews as raging waves.

The truth is that our management and advertising departments are launching "Airport Junsu Reconstructing Plan" and that's why he's doing a lot of fashion magazines now (LOL).

The male editor of the male fashion magazine who has been always supporting Junsu wants to expose Junsu's charms to everyone, thus demanding for some high level of fashion.
Teacher Junsu faces this high-level-of-fashion challenge with a much more positive attitude than we expected!!!
It would be good that he could be more interested in fashion after this…

Everyone, what kind of styling would you want to see Junsu in~?

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Junsu reconstruction plan?
Omo...let me join. XD

Always keep the faith.