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[TRANS] An-An's Jaejoong Appears on TV - "Does He Take Off More Clothes?!"


DBSK reveals beautiful body!
It is decided DBSK to be featured in a cover page of the popular women's magazine anan. But it is not all five of them.
It will be DBSK's eldest member Jeajoong!

And it is decided that he will show his beautiful body in the magazine.
And the photo shoot was held.

At first he wears his jacket like this, but he takes it off little by little.
And then he becomes in T-shirt style.

All right then! Um?!
Is he going to take it off/show his body or not?!
Show his body? Ah?! Not show it?!
Well he does not show yet~~~.

(A lady laughs here.)

And little by little he becomes sexy shirt style.
Little by little his skin is being shown.
Even in the eyes of a guy, he makes my heart beat.

And then, AH!!! (00:46) I see it!
We got to see it!! Finally we got to see it~!
Jaejoong's masculine chest revealed~~~!!!
OK there you go!

(A lady laughs here.)

And on top of that, the other shots with his fluffy hair which is not normally seen will be shown.
(A lady) Ah! Trully so!
He got even more comfortable.

(In the back ground, JJ's song seems to be played.)

JJ: "Kimuchi~~~!"

LOL Kawaii~/Cute~ (*Sounds like staff said it.)

And these two photos are revealed this time!
Of course they took more photos.
It is not revealed what kind of photo will be used in a cover.
They will take time to discuss and decide.
And it will be issued in anan which will be on sale on April 7th.

(A lady) Yes. Being in anan's sexy photo issue is like being the representative of the coolest/hottest man there is.

Since Jaejoong will appear in the new drama, he was picked for anan.
(A lady) I see.

Okay that is it!

YT source: Yaone8
translations: Junsulv@OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

XD The dude sounds like a fangirl.
I bet if one of us Cassiopeians did this report,
it'll be all "~~~~!! >__<" and all that in it too xD Jae makes even mens hearts beat faster. *sigh* x] Always keep the faith!